My Other Websites is my main website with more information about me, my life, education and family. It contains a summary of all my works. is available in stageplay or screenplay format.  "And We Were Left Darkling", set in Budapest during WW2 and a meeting between Adolf Eichmann and Raoul Wallenberg who saved many jews from deportation to the death camps. The struggle between these two belief systems is presented against the backdrop of everyday, personal dramas of Jews questioning their god’s presence and questioning how to act morally in such an immoral world.  In the stageplay format, the discussions between Eichmann and Wallenberg take place in Budapest itself.  However, in the screenplay version, those same discussions take place in an undefined space after the historical events themselves have occurred. is a movie script that has won numerous national and internatiional awards. The factual history of this battle for the survival of the mission Indians of Alta California provides the backdrop to the fictional story of Paco Palido, a mission guard.  Palido (“pale one”) is the child of a native woman raped by a Spanish solider and “saved” by Franciscans when his village is destroyed, ten years later, by the Spanish. Christian or pagan—which is he?

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Pirandello's Wife

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