We know about Luigi Pirandello: world-famous playwright, Nobel Prize Winner.  But what about his wife, Antonietta?  Hidden in the background,  her life controlled by men, the last decades of her life in an asylum for the insane.  What's her story?


What about my life? My pain? Why I spend my final days in this asylum.

Your life? Your pain? Ha! You would be another unknown if you weren’t married to a famous playwright.





--AWARD WINNER, Beyond the Curve International Film Festival. , 2020.

--AWARD WINNER, Prix Royal, Paris, 2021

--AWARD WINNER, Royal Society of Television and Motion Picture Awards, 2021

--AWARD WINNER, BEST CHARACTERS, New York Neorealism Film Festival, 2021.

--AWARD WINNER, BEST FEATURE SCRIPT, Florence Film Awards, 2021.



--AWARD WINNER, SILVER, Script Writing, Depth of Field International  Film Festival Competition, 11/30/21.

--AWARD WINNER.  Luis Bunuel (L’Age D’Or), 12/27/ 2021

--AWARD WINNER, Multi Dimensional Independent Film Festival, 12/4/21

--AWARD WINNER, London Movie Awards  Film Festival, 12/6/21.

--AWARD WINNER, Robinson International Film Festival (Italy), 12/12/21

--AWARD, Cult Movies International, Film Festival (UK), 12/27/21

--AWARD WINNER, Milan International Film Festival (Italy), 1/7/22

--AWARD WINNER, Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival, 2/19/22.

--AWARD WINNER, Florence Film Awards, 3/27/22

--HONORABLE MENTION, Gold Star Movie Awards (USA), 4/12/22

--NOMINEE, Milan Arthouse Film Awards, 4/8/22

--AWARD WINNER, Robinson International Film Festival, 4/20/22

--AWARD WINNER, Hollywood Gold Awards, 6/8/22

--HONORABLE NOMINEE, Lonely Wolf International FF, 4/29/22

--HONORABLE NOMINEE, Swedish International FF, 5/15/22

--AWARD NOMINEE for BEST FEATURE SCRIPT at the Swedish International Film Festival. 7/4/22

--HONORABLE AWARD MENTION, Filmwork Independent Film Festival, 7/12/22

-- AWARD WINNER, AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Script/Writer.  Accolade Global Film Competition, 8/25/22

--AWARD WINNER.  Atlanta Movie Awards, 8/29/22

--AWARD WINNER.  Milan Gold Awards.  8/30/22

--AWARD WINNER. Williamsburg International Film Festival, USA, 10/5/22

--AWARD WINNER, Moody Crab Film Festival, USA, 10/23/33

--AWARD WINNER, Pinnacle Film Awards, 2/3/23.

--AWARD WINNER, Indiefare International Film Festival, 2/13/23.

--AWARD WINNER. Naples Film Awards, 2/20/23

--AWARD WINNER.  Best Feature Film Script. Festival de Largos y Cortos de Santiago, 3/7/23

--AWARD WINNER, Social World Film Festival, 4/13/23

--AWARD WINNER (Silver medal), WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, 4/23/23

--HONORABLE MENTION, World Indie Film Awards, 4/26/23

--AWARD WINNER, Pageant Film Festival, 5/4/23.  

--AWARD WINNER, Festival of Arts and Cinema 5/5/23.  (London)

--AWARD WINNER, Rome Women’s Film Festival, 5/7/23.

--AWARD WINNER, Pageant Film Festival,  5/17/23. 

--AWARD WINNER, “Best Eurasian Screenplay in English (London), 6/4/23

--AWARD WINNER, Marseille Cineverse Film Festival, 7/14/23

--AWARD WINNER, Airfix Film Festival, 7/15/23

--AWARD WINNER, Filmzen International Film Competition (Paris), 7/28/23

--AWARD WINNER, Sweet Democracy Film Awards (Cannes), 7/30/23

--AWARD WINNER, Beyond the Flow International Film Festival (France), 8/6/23

-- AWARD WINNER in Movie Play International Film Festival (France), 8/6/23.

--AWARD WINNER: Best Script on Social Issues and Best Script on Women.  Best International Motion Pictures (Edinburgh) 8/18/23

--AWARD WINNER, Goldspire International Film Festival (Paris), 8/24/23

--AWARD WINNER, Andromeda Film Festival (Istanbul), 8/24/23

--AWARD WINNER, Florence Indie Film Festival (Italy), 8/27/23

--HONORABLE NOMINEE.  Big Screen Blast Film Festival, 8/30/23

--AWARD WINNER, Picture Panaroma International  Film Festival (London), 9/10/23

--AWARD WINNER, Frida Film Festival (Paris), 9/18/23


--AWARD WINNER of the prestigious ENNIO MORRICONE PRIZE.  Naples Film Award, 9/19/23

--HONORABLE MENTION.  New York Movie Awards, 9/23/23

--AWARD WINNER, CineMente Movie & Screenplay Awards (Milan), 9/22/23

--updated to SEMI-FINALIST.  San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival, 9/23/23

--AWARD WINNER, Filmzen International Film Competition, 9/28/23






--FINALIST, Le Film Fantastique, Paris, 2021

--FINALIST, Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival, 3/13/22

--FINALIST, Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival, 3/13/22

--FINALIST, Bright International Film Festival, 1/14/23

--FINALIST.  Ediplay International Film Festival (France), 4/13/23

--FINALIST, Silver Screen Excellence Film Awards (Netherlands), 8/29/23




-- SEMI-FINALIST.  Roma shorts, 11/12/21.

--SEMI-FINALIST.  Melbourne Independent Film Festival, 11/29/22

--currently SEMI-FINALIST, Paris International Short Festival, 3/1/22

-- SEMI-FINALIST, Paris Women Festival, 3/16/22

--SEMIFINALIST, Vienna Indie Short Film Festival, 4/13/23

--SEMI-FINALIST, Berlin Shorts Awards, 5/21/23

--SEMIFINALIST.  Stockholm Short Festival 7/12/23

--SEMIFINALIST, Florence Indie Film Festival, 7/19/23

--SEMIFINALIST. Santa Monica International Filmmaker Awards, 8/9/23



--QUARTER FINALIST, Table Read my Screenplay, 6/23/22.

--CURRENTLY QUARTER-FINALIST, The Monthly Film Festival, 12/8/22

--QUARTER FINALIST, Manchester Film Festival, 1/11/23

--QUARTER FINALIST, Wiki Screenplay Festival, 1/14/23

--QUARTER-FINALIST, Manchester Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 2/20/23

--QUARTER-FINALIST, Richmond International Film Festival, 6/15/23

--QUARTER-FINALIST, Edinburgh Film Awards (U.K.), 9/18/23



--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Rome Film Awards, 2021

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Toronto Women’s Film Festival, 2021

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Ediplay Film Awards, 2021

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Cult Movies International Film Festival, 2021

--OFFICIAL SELECTION. 8 & Halfilm Award, 1/1/22


--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Social World Film Festival (Naples), 6/10/22

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Anatolia International Film Festival, 10/26/22

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, UK Film Festival, 11/16/22

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Rudis Festival (Rome), 12/18/22

--OFFICIAL SELECTION. Festival de Largos y Cortos de Santiago, Chile 2/17/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION. Beverley Hills Film Festival, 2/17/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Butterfly International Film Festival, 3/1/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Star International Film Festival, 3/24/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Eurasian Creative  Guild Film Festival, 4/3/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Inspirational Film Festival, 4/4/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Marseille Cineverse Film Festival, 5/16/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Oxford Script Awards, 5/17/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Sydney World Fest, 6/3/23.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, The Way of Art Film Festival, 7/7/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Paris Award Film Festival, 7/15/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  8 & HalFilm Festival (Paris), 7/27/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Paris Award Film Festival, 7/15/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Art Film Spirit Awards, 8/1/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Movieplay Awards 8/4/24.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Big Screen Blast Film Festival, 8/10/24.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION. Naples Film Awards, 8/25/23


--OFFICIAL SELECTION. Rome World Cinema Festival, 9/1/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION. New York Movie Awards, 9/3/23



Pirandello's Wife

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